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You enjoy it, you live it in live and online casinos like. z. B. to play the Konung Casino  . Gambling fascinates you. Why not immerse yourself completely in the world of gaming and operate it professionally. If the insecurities of a poker professional are too great, you can also take the very interesting path of a croupier. We’ll show you here what a croupier’s working day and career opportunities look like.

The croupier training is offered directly by the casinos and is free of charge. (In Austria and Switzerland, however, there are already technical schools in addition to the casinos, in which the croupier profession is also taught independently of a specific casino.)  Internal coaches mediate on 4-5 evenings over a period of three months (this is from the casino) Casino different) the basic knowledge of a croupier’s everyday life. Training takes place at the various original tables with unprinted tokens. During the training, applicants must pass two exams, one theoretical (approximately half of the course) and one practical at the end of the course. According to the rule “Take the best- Leave the rest”After a highly demanding selection process, the most talented courses are taken over by the casino.

Basically everyone starts their croupier career as a blackjack dealer. Occasionally it can happen that a newcomer is used as a poker dealer. But a novice never gains his first practical experience as a roulette croupier. Whoever claims that is talking nonsense.

The first day of work under fighting conditions is a nerve-racking strain. Especially those who are not used to wearing a bow tie every day feel even more deprived of their air by this tight neck collar.

Usually the croupiers work in a 45-15 cycle . Which means that they are given a 15 minute break after 45 minutes at the table.

These regeneration phases are also urgently needed. The demands on the ability to concentrate turn out to be immensely stressful. To do this, you are constantly monitored and no error, however small, remains unnoticed. (I don’t want to speak of incorrectly calculated profits)

So, think you’re good enough for the job?

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